John Tejada to release Nocturama EP

Fresh off the heels of his last full length Sleepwalker, John Tejada follows up his last album with a new 3 track ep Nocturama. While his last album featured a more micro edited approach, Nocturama is a return to a more purist approach, layering hardware synths and classic drum machines.

The lead track Nocturama is a return to peak time club play layering classic Tejada chords over steady rhythms. On Wave Acid Sun, Tejada brings the acid layered with emotive chords and classic 909s. Hadal Zone rounds out the ep with a hint of emotive 90s pads and a classic Roland rhythm section.

Tejada about this ep: I wanted to have some new songs I was excited about to play in sets. Production wise, I wanted to capture the subtleties of hardware again. Running a real 808 and 909 together give the tracks some life I don’t get from using samples, as there’s an imperfect but engaging vibe to the groove. That as well as using the older synths. There’s a subtle bit of variation that can bring a bit of life through imperfection. This time it was a return to using instruments, rather than using emulations of instruments.

John Tejada Nocturama EP
release date: July 29, 2022

1. Nocturama
2. Wave Acid Sun
3. Hadal Zone

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