Premiere: Tudor Acid – Oily Windchimes [Tudor Beats]

‘Oily Windchimes’ is taken from Tudor Acid’s “A Tune You Hear On The Wind” EP, out 28 September on Tudor Beats

Following the release earlier this year of the album ‘Empathy for Cyborgs’ which earned Tudor Acid a spotlight artist feature on BBC 6 music from Tom Ravenscroft, Tudor Acid returns with a new EP which explores the relationship between strong emotional experiences and natural forces.

In some cases, nature itself can appear to be echoing our own emotions back to us – this is highlighted by the stunned melancholy carried on the wind in the title track. The request for empathy on Tudor Acid’s last album is answered by nature itself reflecting our profound emotions and validating them. Since the release of ‘Empathy for Cyborgs‘, Tudor Acid has been reflecting on the ways that change is always evident in nature – this includes filming clouds in motion capture – and this is very much evident in ‘Oily Windchimes’ which has a constantly flowing wave-like motion.

‘The Talking River’ reflects on the way that nature can often seem in conversation with us, it contains water sounds from Bristol Harbour layered with the drums. Finally, ‘Wake Up Blinking In The Mist’ ends the EP on the same stunned emotions with which it opened. Throughout, the melodies take more of a background role. As Tudor Acid puts it “there is often more truth in a whisper than a shout. And I wanted the most poignant moments of this ep to be only just about audible. Some of the most emotionally profound moments for me in the last year have just involved listening to the wind.

Tudor Acid – A Tune You Hear On The Wind
Track Listing:

1. A Tune You Hear On the Wind
2. Oily Windchimes
3. The Talking River
4. Wake Up Blinking in the Mist

Tudor Acid will be playing a gig with material from this release at the Electro Cafe night at Strange Brew in Bristol (UK) on Wednesday 28th September alongside Meemo Comma, Xylitol and Finlay Shakespeare.

Listen to Tudor Acid’s Oily Windchimes on Techno Trip 41 Tracks of the Week here

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