Hell & Sel (DJ Hell & John Selway) – Save The Robots w/ The Hacker & John Selway Remixes

Science Cult presents a rare gem: A collaboration by seminal producers DJ Hell and John Selway via their “Hell & Sel” alias. Inspired by the legendary NYC after hours club, ‘Save The Robots’ is a late night trip through space and time invoking italo disco, house and techno. The Hacker provides a driving and trippy remix, while John Selway channels Kraftwerk for an epic electro remix to round out the EP. Available on limited edition multi-color vinyl in die-cut sleeve.

Hell & Sel – Save The Robots
release date: November 18th, 2022

Save The Robots
Save The Robots (Percapella)
Save The Robots (The Hacker Remix)
Save The Robots ( John Selway Remix)

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