House ConnectFM 43: Tracks of the Week

The latest episode of Tracks of the Week House ConnectFM 43 is now available via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify.

This episode features new tracks and remixes from:
Janet Jackson, Actress, Move D & Dman, Piers Kirwan, Lucky Sun, Jero Nougues, Artist Code 4C4F49, Artist Code 4D4F43, Derek Russo, Tiptoes, Ernest Kalinin, Sgt Slick, Crystal Waters, Soul Central, Robin S, Crackazat, Anthony Pears, Hardsoul, Housequake, Frank Fonema & Ciskoted, Jjoska, OLIVE F, Jason Hodges, Ross Kiser, Juliche Hernandez, WLAD & Project89, Fran Bortolossi, Vidaloca, AJ Christou, Jeff El Jefe, Eldeanyo, Oliver Knight, Alfie Rhodes & Eddy Malano, Ekoboy, Arno Ramon, Arie Mando, Shcaa, Pacifix X Jean Jacques Smoothie

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

Piers Kirwan – I Love [Boogie Cafe]
Lucky Sun – Sunrise (feat. Frank H. Carter III) (Jero Nougues Vocal Remix)[Lucky Sun Recordings]
Artist Code 4C4F49 feat. Artist Code 4D4F43 – Last Night [Cod3 QR]

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Derek Russo – Saturn Escape [Broad Channel]
Tiptoes – Mars Landings [SlothBoogie Records]
Ernest Kalinin – Take Me Fine [Brook Gee Records]
Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do (Sgt Slick’s Discotizer ReCut)[White Label]
Crystal Waters & Soul Central ft Robin S – Love One Another (Crackazat Remix)[Quantize Recordings]
Anthony Pears – Tetragrammaton (Extended Mix) [Drop Low Records]
Hardsoul ft Fierce Rulling Diva – Self Religion (Housequake Remix) [Altra Moda Music]
Frank Fonema & Ciskoted – Show Me The Way (Original mix) [Les Folies Digitales]
Jjoska – Revibe [Interfonic]
OLIVE F – Enter The Olive (Jason Hodges Remix) [Moxy Muzik]
Ross Kiser – No Talking, Just Listening (Juliche Hernandez Remix) [Curated.]
WLAD & Project89 – Won’t Let You Down [hedZup Records]
Fran Bortolossi – Hieroglyphics [Otherwise Records]
Vidaloca – Una Rosa (Original Mix) [COCO]
AJ Christou – Noachis [Boogeyman]
Jeff El Jefe – Hasta La Mañana (Original Mix) [Witty Tunes]
Eldeanyo – Colombia (Oliver Knight Acid Reflex Remix) [Adesso Music]
Alfie Rhodes & Eddy Malano – Ego Trip (Ekoboy Remix) [EKEI]
Arno Ramon – Presha (Arie Mando Remix)[MELODYMATHICS]

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Pacifix X Jean Jacques Smoothie – 2 People Waiting For You (Mashup) [WHITE]
Shcaa – Miradoru [Automatic Writing]
Move D & Dman – All You Can Beat [Smallville]
Actress – Fragments of a Butterfly’s Face [Ninja Tune]

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Photo/Cover by Skylar Sahakian

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