Premiere: Tudor Acid – The Sky We Came From [Tudor Beats]

“The Sky We Came From” is taken from Tudor Acid ‘s new LP “Air from a Sand Galaxy”, out 19 May on Tudor Beats

Following the release of the ‘Empathy for Cyborgs‘ album and its accompanying EP ‘A Tune You Hear On The Wind’, Tudor Acid returns with a new album ‘Air from a Sand Galaxy’. The album moves through different moods and textures in mercurial fashion underpinned by hard beats and deep synth sounds.

The structure is more liquid than on previous releases. Tudor Acid says

“Much like ‘Empathy for Cyborgs’, this album does have a clear story running through it but this time the story feels much harder to express in words as it seems so very raw emotionally. What I can say is that the points on the album I enjoy most are when the light comes through the rusted metal and casts intricate shadows.”

Tudor Acid – Air from a Sand Galaxy

Track Listing:

01. The Sky We Came From
02. Nodeus to Rail Against
03. Divide Interference
04. Air from a Sand Galaxy
05. Fear of Breaking Symmetry
06. Solar Winded
07. Two Sides of Same Moebius
08. Spontaneous Decoherence
09. Intrusal
10. Novembers Origin

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