Melodic ConnectFM 52: Tracks of the Week

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This episode incl. the best new Tracks and Remixes from:

Patrick Cowley, Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Amirali, Voltaire, Ben Böhmer, Eli & Fur, Butch, Bedouin, Vintage Culture, Felix Raphael and more

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie


1. Jullian Gomes – uHambo
2. Left Unsaid – Rainier
3. Vinny Villbass – Lerwick Open [Original Mix] – badabing diskos
4. Ben Böhmer – One Last Call (feat. Felix Raphael) (Extended)
5. Birds Of Mind – You Gonna Make It (Kirik Remix)
6. Klaus Benedek – Tombstone (Siggatunez Feels The Unknown Mix)
7. N1NJA ft. Zayn Mohammed – Midnight In Detroit
8. Amirali – Prisma (Extended Mix)

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9. Bedouin – Tijuana (Vintage Culture Remix)
10. Sasha – Wolks Vagon (Eli & Fur Remix)
11. Patrick Cowley – Primitive World (Hifi Sean Dub)
12. My Secret Playground – Ich Geh Nicht Mit Dir (Jason Core Remix)
13. illocanblo – Aetheric Elevation
14. Butch – Go Brooklyn
15. Laurent Garnier – Tales from the Real World (Voltaire Remix)
16. Johanna Knutsson – Fold 6
17. Cameo Blush – Millenium Fields feat. Pretty Girl
18. Golden Features – Endit (Feat. Rromarin)
19. Trutopia – Leave This All Behind feat. The Pressure (Original Mix)
20. Bootleg Contraband – Take Me Higher (Even Higher Remix)
21. Riccardo Noè – Ahura Mazdā
22. Ongun Tütüncü – Voice Of Heaven

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23. Fabio Florido – Reverence
24. Baalti – Staying In Touch (Tom VR Sunrise Mix)
25. DJ Istar – Sun Gods
26. Nick Morgan – Bass Bousa
27. Corona – The Rhythm of the Night (Samuele Sartini, Giacomo Miranda, Chris Estrella Official Remix) (Extended Mix)
28. Spencer Brown – Equanimity
29. Andrea Lacoste; Azaria – Jayeechi Wayúu

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Photo/Cover: Nikhita Singhal

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