Mark Barrott – The Pathways Of Our Lives on International Feel (out 14 July)

Mark Barrott steps away from the Balearic sound he’s become synonymous with to take a journey back to the territory he first explored with Bepu N’Gali. The Pathways Of Our Lives is a joyous, life affirming piece of 70’s Afro Soul with a modern twist, continuing Barrott’s love affair with African Polyrhythms and 70’s Philly Strings. It’s also the first time since 2014’s aforementioned Bepu N’Gali release that he has worked with a full band and sees The Grünewald Quartet return to string duties after collaborating on Barrott’s Sketches from an Island 2 album last year.
The Bside, Music for Santoor, Bansuri, Tanpura y Sarod is another track recorded live during one of his spring meditation sessions in Northern Ibiza, with India’s Vishnu Quartet performing a 2 hour piece with Barrott directing and later editing it down into the form you hear today.
The Pathways of our Lives
Music for Santoor, Bansuri, Tanpura y Sarod


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