Optometry to release In-Visible-Distance (Remixes by Plaid, Dntel, Silent Servant, Alighted)

Following their debut album, After-Image, released this past March, Optometry (John Tejada & March Adstrum) present In-Visible-Distance, a new collection of star-studded remixes, an original work, and a cover song. This impressive lineup of remixers include Plaid, who contribute two mixes, Silent Servant, Dntel, and Alighted. The EP also contains the new song “Television Screen,” as well as a cover of the Vanity 6 deep cut “Make Up.”

What happens when Adstrum learns to use Tejada’s classic Roland synths and drum machines (TR-909, TB-303, SH-101)? You get Adstrum Acid! She adds additional guitar layers while Tejada puts it all together and brings his trademark sonic touches to the production. Adstrum says: “The song “Television Screen” is about my experience looking up to actors as a kid, and the lifestyle that corporations marketed to me on the screen. I grew up in a small, economically depressed town, and many of the stories in the movies felt like complete fantasy to me, even if they were just love stories based in New York.

Leading off the remixes is none other than Plaid who lend its legendary talents to reinterpreting the song “Not What You Expected.” Plaid’s remix weaves synthesis and melody in the group’s classic style. Paired with Adstrum’s emotion, it is a powerful take on the original. Plaid also remix the song “Chameleon,” giving it a playfulness and groove which is distinctively theirs.

Dntel (aka Jimmy Tamborello of The Postal Service) reworks “Whatever You Need,” adding live bass guitar and playful synth layers, creating a trashy and energetic indie rock-like feel to the track.

Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant goes full peak-time on his rendition of “Technicolor,” washing away the lyrics into subtle atmospheres, which back up his intense rhythms and synths.

“Make Up” was made during the time of After-Image but was chosen to be released later, and a remix EP is a great place for a cover. Originally written by Prince for Vanity 6 (1982), “Make Up” is a fun change of pace for Adstrum who captures the swagger and attitude of the original.

Rounding out the EP is “Falling,” remixed by McLean Macionis aka Alighted. Macionis’ production elevates the song into a tight reimagining, adding a number of micro-details and a fresh take on the original.

Optometry In-Visible-Distance
Release Date: July 7, 2023

1. Television Screen
2. Not What You Expected (Plaid Remix)
3. Whatever You Need (Dntel Remix)
4. Chameleon (Plaid Remix)
5. Technicolor (Silent Servant Remix)
6. Falling (Alighted Remix)
7. Make Up

Optometry is a Los Angeles-based music duo comprised of John Tejada and March Adstrum.

Tejada, known for many years as an electronic artist, handles the production duties while Adstrum takes care of vocals and guitars. The band focuses on themes of life, love and loss, weaving seductively melancholic textures together with synths, drum machines, guitars and bass. Adstrum’s ethereal voice and guitar work bring the electronics to life with heartfelt expression and emotion, while Tejada’s use of vintage rhythm boxes, synths and effects provide a solid sense of authenticity.

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