Futuristic(Future Sounds) Tracks of the Year 2023 (So Far)

40 Best Futuristic(Future Sounds by Doogie)Tracks of the Year 2023 So Far, available to stream now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Playlist on Spotify

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feat: Laurent Garnier, Martin Kohlstedt, Headache, Tropics, Höhn, Doline, DJ Raff, Lazarus, Lawrence Hart, Nothing, WDDS, Detroit’s Filthiest, Ago Gazo, Max Cooper, Manni Dee, Dub Phizix, Henry Greenleaf, Jaise and Modal, Gacha Bakradze, Kincaid, Boombass, Gora&Eloy, Gus Heavy, Luca Vera, Martyn X Om Unit, Moreno Ácido, Neil MacLeod, Whylie, Pascal Nuzzo, Yunna, Glo My, Sonnee, Sensu, Barry Can’t Swim, Spacey Gray, Tal Fussman, Zar, Quentin Hiatus, Olivier Abbeloos, Subjects, Vectasonic

Futuristic(Future Sounds)Tracks of the Year 2023 (So Far)

Martin Kohlstedt – MOD
Headache – The Pavement is my Pillow Talk
Tropics – Minor Delays feat. Oscar #Worldpeace [all my thoughts]

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Höhn – Scarp
Doline – Chew
DJ Raff – Basta!
Lazarus – Deliverance
Lawrence Hart – First Light
Nothing – Song For A Drifting Rose
WDDS – Tokyo 2047
Detroit’s Filthiest – Only God Forgives
Ago Gazo – Zagan
Max Cooper – Exotic Contents (Manni Dee Remix)
Dub Phizix – Lumi
Henry Greenleaf – From Window to Wall
Jaise and Modal – Into The Cards
Gacha Bakradze – Backup
Kincaid – Don’t Get No Sun
Boombass – PPPARADISE (Extended Version)
Gora&Eloy – Still A Mystery
Gus Heavy – Never have to MST
Luca Vera – Forth
Martyn X Om Unit – Illroy
Moreno Ácido – Kissing Games
Neil MacLeod – Curer (Second Self Remix)
Whylie – In The Sky
Pascal Nuzzo – Hold On
Yunna – Day
Glo My – T.O.C.
Sonnee – About You
Sensu – Fuse
Barry Can’t Swim – Sunsleeper
Spacey Gray – Will Powah
Tal Fussman – I Will
Zar – Remember
Laurent Garnier – Sado miso [COD3 QR]
Quentin Hiatus – You Were Right About Everything
Olivier Abbeloos – Find Myself
Subjects – Time Tunnel – Deep Jungle
Vectasonic – Underdog

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