Tracks of the Week: Electronic ConnectFM 21

The latest episode of Tracks Of The Week Electronic ConnectFM 21 edition is available now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Spotify.

Feat. new Tracks and Remixes from:
JB Dunckel, Hercules & Love Affair & ANOHNI, Shed, Prayer, Alex Banks, Tenndril, Eric Maltz, Shelajit, Erik Buschmann, Yuzo Iwata, Tim Susa, Ebi Soda, Yr Lovely Dead Moon, seb wildblood, Misology, Gold Suite, Sangre Voss, Sonnee, Sublime Sound, Legendary Paradox, Phaction, Reburf, Soul Intent, Techno para dos, Earth Trax, Yaya Bey, Maykors, Alyness and Oktae

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

Shed – The Satisfied [Edition Dur]
Tenndril – Dopla [GODDEZZ]
Eric Maltz – Tear of the Clouds [Tappan Zee]
Shelajit – Iyagi ft. SOJI (Original Mix) [Muti Music]

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Erik Buschmann – Sleep Or Scream [Reflektor Records]
Yuzo Iwata – Humid Gathering [Butter Sessions]
Tim Susa – Tong [Broque]
Ebi Soda – Pseudocreme [Tru Thoughts Recordings]
JB Dunckel – Zombie Park [Prototyp Recording]
Yr Lovely Dead Moon – The Double[Hot Concept]
seb wildblood – keep on ft. ouri [all my thoughts]
Hercules & Love Affair & ANOHNI – One [Skint]
Misology – Balcony Smoke [Krmelec Recordings]
Gold Suite – The Cowboy [NuNorthern Soul]
Sangre Voss – Forever Ubleh [International Extraterrestrial Music]
Alex Banks – Into the Realm [Mesh]
Sonnee – Your Love [Attack Decay Sweet]
Sublime Sound – That Love Affair [Remmah]
Legendary Paradox – Closer [Impress Music]
Prayer – A Love So True [Hooversound Recordings]
Maykors, Alyness and Oktae – Sad piano

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Phaction – Revelation Sequence [Fokuz Recordings]
Reburf – Sunset [Fokuz Recordings]
Soul Intent – The Feels [Exkursions]
Techno para dos – Even More Dramatic [Nadaville]
Earth Trax – Everlong [Shall Not Fade]
Yaya Bey – reprise [Big Dada]

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Cover: Angeles Perez