Listen: Techno Trip (ConnectFM Radio Mix)

After “Deep House Finest” and “Melodic Journey” tracks of the month selection, this week we presents “Techno Trip ”, as played on #ConnectFM, non vocal version.

Stream on Soundcloud and Spotify full tracks.

Valya Kan – Moodyfresh
Fluxion – Glimpses II
Jor-G – Kokor
Bendersnatch – Homage (Dub Mix)
Techmarine Bottom Feeders – The Lens Gateway
Rick Wade – Techcreep (J Gabriel & Silent Revolt Remix)
John Tejada – Moving 909s (Plaid remix)
Nathan Fake – Firmament
Distorted Drill – Morgana
Jennisek – Foundation
Petar Dundov – Synesthetic Flow (Patrice Bäumel Remix)(Premiere+Interview here)
Carlos Nilmmns – Emanon (Original Mix)
Blutch – La Cite´ Des E´toiles (Michael Mayer Remix)
Mr.C – Radical Inclusion (Noel Jackson Remix)
Giselh – Artisan of Landscape
Eddie Fowlkes – Knuckle Head 10
Marc Houle – Deckard 7

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